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Procedure 23001 Basic Terms in Geometry

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[Composed by Mr. Quach for His Students]

GeoGebra Geometry | Geometry Book

Do All of the Following Tasks

Task 1 Review Basic Terms in Geometry
  1. Read Appendix 1A below.
    • It shows you how to explain basic concepts in Geometry using thumbnail definitions.
  2. Select the link Geometry Book at the top of this page.
    • It gives you access to the Geometry book online.
Task 2 Take a Test
  1. Click here to bring up the test.
  2. Fill out the form, then press the Submit button to complete the test.
    • When he sees your input data, Mr. Quach will give you a grade for this test.
Appendix 1A Thumbnail Definitions for Geometry
  1. Circle; that means, the same distance to a center. | Page 6
  2. Line segment; that means, all points between two. | Page 6
  3. Parallel; that means, two non-intersecting lines. | Page 12
    • Parallel lines by drawing two perpendicular lines | Page 40
  4. Perpendicular bisector; that means, a perpendicular line through the midpoint | Page 18
  5. Conjecture; that means, a tentative basis without proof. | Page 18
  6. Inscribed hexagon; that means, every vertex on the circle. | Page 24
  7. Bisecting; that means, dividing into two parts.
  8. Angle bisector; that means, an angle bisecting line. | Page 32
  9. Congruent; that means, identical in form.
  10. Congruent segments; that means, line segments of equal length. | Page 49
  11. Square; that means, four congruent segments. | Page 49
  12. Polygon; that means, a plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles.
  13. Equilateral; that means, all sides congruent.
  14. Equiangular; that means, all angles congruent.
  15. Regular polygon; that means, equilateral and equiangular. | Page 49
  16. Tessellation; that means, surface covering. | Page 65
  17. Assertion
  18. Rotation; that means, a center and a directed angle.
  19. Perpendicular; that means, at an angle of 90 degrees.
  20. Reflection; that means, the same perpendicular distance to a line.
  21. Rigid motion; that means, translation, rotation, or reflection. | Page 73
  22. Rigid transformation; that means, rigid motions without changes in measurements. | Page 73
  23. Theorem | Page 73
  24. Reflection across a line | Page 81
  25. Translation; that means, sliding without rotating. | Page 90-91
  26. Directed line segment | Page 90-91


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