Business Card Design

Do the following to design and print business cards for you as a Thumos Mentor:

  1. Download this back-side image
  2. Go to this web page at Vista Print.
  3. Press the Text button on the tool bar
  4. Enter your name and other personal contact details
  5. Press the Image button
  6. Upload your portrait image
  7. Arrange and send it to the back
  8. Move your image to the right position
  9. Add the back side
  10. Choose a white design with the least number of words
  11. Upload this back-side image
  12. Enlarge such that the image covers the entire back side
  13. Do all that is needed to ensure that both the front and the back side of your business card look similar to the images as shown below.
  14. Place the order when ready

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