Dear High School and College Graduates from the Post-COVID Era

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Dear high school and college students, graduates from the post-COVID era,

As current, future high school and college graduates from the post-COVID era, we would like collaborate with one another. The operative word is collaboration, which means joint intellectual effort. Together, we want to make a vigorous attempt in maximizing future options for ourselves as well as those around us while facing the challenges of our time and beyond.

We are the Facebook group Post-COVID Graduates and our home is the Facebook page @postcovidgraduates. Current, future high school and college graduates determined to become a future leader are all invited to join us @postcovidgraduates.

The first step is to watch Video #1 below and make sure that we are on the same page in term of leadership.

The second step is to join one of the following Facebook groups. As an introduction, Video #2 below offers an invitation to join classof2020ri.

The third step is let @Ri4CTV help you appear on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. If you’re a graduate, you may appear as shown in Video #3 below. Otherwise, you may appear as shown in Video #4 below.

The fourth step is to join our Facebook group Post-COVID Graduates at In this group, you will work with other leaders in building a new world for the post-COVID era.

Sincerely yours,


Video #1 What is Leadership? How to Exercise Leadership?

Video #2 Invitation to Join @ClassOf2020Ri

Video #3 Graduation Moment Captured by @Ri4CTV

Video #4 Becoming Something Bigger


Thumoslang102 – Boy into Man in Hours

Providence, Rhode Island | April 12, 2012 | Over a hundred millenniums ago, early humans discovered a way to have widespread control of fire. It was the first in a long sequence of many steps in the technological evolution of human beings. Our technological advance evolved through three stages: the tool, the machine, and the automation. They’re all about conserving human energy, extending its power, and keeping it from being wasted. The widespread control of fire, of the tool, of the machine, and then of the automation gives us individuals and groups more energy and thus power. However, a nation with more energy, more power does not automatically have citizens who know how to treat one another better than those in lesser nations. Technology cannot bring our humanity beyond level 1.0. To reach Level 2.0, humanity needs something more than just technology. That something is explained in the YouTube series Thumoslang102. Ri4CTV is now releasing the last several of 21 episodes in the YouTube series Thumoslang102. In this series, you will witness how Jairson Ascencao a boy turns into a man in only a few hours. That’s exactly how long the blade of your mind will thereby be sharpened as you watch him grow. Thumoslang102 is the platform on which  Jairson Ascencao stood to eventually become a leader, the leader of Providence Haven, “a concept that was spawned out of an impulse, and then adopted by many people in the Providence community and greater areas, like Norman D. Baker, and Alec Mustafayev.” Yesterday (April 11th) was one of the most important days on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV as it released one of its most important videos. Its title is The First Falsifiable Definition of Love. It’s the third episode in Season 8 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. In the video, high-school student Alec Mustafayev, at 17 years of age, made the first encounter with love! One day, many may consider this on-camera event as the time when our humanity began its jump to Level 2.0.

New Purpose for the Website!

About this website

The website has a new purpose. As of April 2020, it’s acting as the information center for the Thumos Love Challenge.

ri4ctv youtube homepage logo 2018In support of the YouTube channel Ri4CTV, the purpose of the website stays the same as before.

The public website has been created to act as the information center for a deliberate family known as the Thumos Family. It’s a group of Rhode Islanders working together for their personal ideals.

The website has been created to act as the information center for the Thumos Love Family. It’s a group of Rhode Islanders working together in an attempt to build a business organization selling products and services based on many concepts as presented by the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.


THUMOS Sales Representative Ri4C Job 725 History

Job position 725 at Ri4C of Rhode Island is a commission-based sales job. This article tracks the history of this job.

  1. The homepage of this job is located at
  2. CDP725 is the career development program designed to prepare students for Ri4C Job 725.
  3. Nickantony Quach is, as of August 2017, the manager for both departments, Ri4C HR and Ri4C Sales & Marketing.
  4. It has been posted on PostJobFree at this location.
  5. It has been posted on Indeed Providence, RI at this location.


I’m the Coauthor with Mark Canny of THUMOS an Onboarding Process for Humanity. AMA!

I’m Nickantony Quach the Coauthor with Mark Canny of THUMOS an Onboarding Process for Humanity. Ask me anything


Onboarding Process for Humanity

There are almost 200 countries in the world. All except a dozen are members of the United Nations. This fact, globalization, and other similar facts basically make our species a single organization. Onboarding is the mechanism through which new members of an organization “acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational insiders”. When the organization is our humanity as a whole, what is its onboarding process?

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Our humanity as an organization does not have an onboarding process for its new members.

THESIS STATEMENT:  Although many will object, we need to have an absolute minimum common background for almost everyone in our global village. This makes it easier for many from various corners of the world to become effective sooner in their collaborative activities.

Onboarding for humanity can be codified as soon as we succeed in the depiction of an absolute minimum common background for everyone.

Even within the same country, the alternative is for many to simply give up in collaboration. This is partially expressed by the divorce rate of 70% in Belgium, a highly-developed nation.

An onboarding process for humanity based on an absolute minimum common background for everyone will reduce any and all personal and interpersonal conflicts and thereby increase all types of collaboration.


Thumos Paragraph Identifiers (TPI’s)

Thumos Paragraph Identifiers (TPI’s) are hashtags used to identify paragraphs in the book, Thumos – Adulthood, Love & Collaboration: The Book of Thumos – Onboarding for Humanity, which is written by Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach and first published in 2017. For more information about this book, go to its homepage at

The name of each TPI hashtag begins with the prefix word, thumos, and ends with a four-character paragraph ID.

  • The first character is the digit 1, which means, the first volume. As of this writing, there is one and only one volume.
  • The second character is a “digit” identifying the chapter with two minor exceptions. First, the digit zero means a unit before Chapter 1. Second, digit X means Chapter 10, which is the last chapter in The Book of Thumos.
  • The last two characters may be a value between “01” and “ZZ”, where 1Z is less than 20 and 29 is less than 2A.

In practice, however, each paragraph number begins with a letter, not a digit. For example, the first two paragraphs in Chapter 3 are identified by the hashtags #thumos13A4 and #thumos13A8. In this way, these two TPI’s can still be preserved even if three new paragraphs were later inserted in between.