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Welcome to the RiVillage Slingshot Group!

Greetings from Alec Mustafayev and Nickantony Quach! How can we help you? Click here for their contact information.

About RSG

RiVillage Slingshot Group (RSG) was founded in 2020 by Alec Mustafayev and Nickantony Quach. Members of our group RSG are called slingshot riders, or simply, slingers. Their mission is to build a solid community of dream chasers who over time evolve themselves into what they truly want to become. How chasers should work with one another has been spelled out by this article here, which was produced by Providence Haven in 2019. How slingers should work with one another is spelled out by their profit sharing agreements coordinated by our group RSG. In complex collaboration, founding slingers are expected to work with one another privately in our Haven Office. An important page in our private office is the Bara Directory, where you can find links to our internal toolboxes. | Tell me more, Coalmont

Membership Questionnaire

Love to write, but hate to have life tear you away from your ambitions? If you’re ready for a big break in Providence, Rhode Island, you’re in the same club as Alec Mustafayev, a 2020 graduate of Classical High School. If that’s the case, RiVillage Slingshot might be it for you. If interested, ask Nickantony Quach for a chance to join the local startup group known as RiVillage Slingshot. Click here for his contact information. | Tell me more, Coalmont

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