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Thumoslang on the Run (OTR) is an online book based on the original Thumos textbook (OTB). The book (OTR) is about 100 paperback pages with 30,000 words spread over 42 chapters, grouped in 12 parts.


When the author wrote this book’s first paragraphs in early March 2022, more than two million people fled Ukraine for safety in two weeks. Half of them were children. Through many videos, the world saw their hardship and felt in awe of the courage displayed by their fellow citizens back home. The author, Nickantony Quach, while writing this book, thinks of them throughout. At times, he recalls his experience fleeing his former country decades earlier. He dedicates this book to all Ukrainians worldwide.

With help from various sources, the author is determined to finish writing this book. Ukrainian students worldwide can use it to accelerate the rebuilding and the growth of their worlds. You can, too, take advantage of this book for your purposes.


Hosted by The Thumoslang Website, the entire book, Thumoslang on the Run (OTR), also known as The Guide to Thumoslang, is available online free of charge as of May 10, 2022.


Standing behind the book are Nickantony Quach (center), a Published Philosopher, Norman D. Baker, Founder of Ri4CTV Studio, and Alec Mustafayev, Operator of the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. To contact any of them, send a DM on Instagram to @ri4ctv.


What a group! Bongo One! Could you believe it? Norman got it formed with Alec and Nick at the start of 2022. Colsen Goldrick (pictured) joined in a few months later. They released two print books and an online book (OTR) by the spring and came up with three new business ideas: a double podcast program and a lecture series. This webpage tells the story as it captures their milestones in May 2022.

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Providence, Rhode Island, is where all of the above took place and are taking place.

What’s Your Story?

What’s your story? Would you like to share it on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV? Videographers from Ri4CTV Studio can capture your story free of charge.

What if we invited you to join us in support of your ideals? To contact Alec, Colsen, Norman, or Nick, send a DM on Instagram to @ri4ctv.

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