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State of the Thumos Love Challenge

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Current Status

As of May 2020, the Thumos Love Challenge has been built up enough for use by Alpha testers.

Anyone can begin their Thumoslang journey by taking the Thumos Love Challenge.

Click here to get started

Participation in Further Development

Click here to join us in the further development of the Thumos Love Challenge

Initial Status – April 2020

  1. [Done here] Basic questions about TLC are answered. What, why, and how questions are addressed by the same document.
  2. [Demonstrated here] Basic tasks have been identified for participants of various levels to carry out during the challenge.
  3. [Drafted here] Challenge rules have been spelled out, approved, and ready for distribution to the public.
  4. [Done here] The triggering letter written by Alec Mustafayev is ready for distribution to the public. Draft 1F is an example.
  5. [Pending] The triggering video produced by Alec Mustafayev is ready for distribution to the public.
  6. [Done] Homepage for the Thumos Love Challenge is well organized such that participants can go from there to any of the above information with ease.
  7. [Deprecated] Issue #3C in the Newsletter Archive is not up to date.


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