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T3love is a series on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. It documents the making of Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social clarity whose power was accidentally discovered by Nickantony Quach in December 2019. It was immediately adopted by the 17-year-old high school student Alec Mustafayev. He became the first who grew up with the nomenclature. One year later, Norman D. Baker and others concluded that Thumoslang can make your internal dialogues more effective, your meaningful relationships much stronger, and the actualization of your ideals go faster. Together, they work as co-hosts for the YouTube series and bring you the story behind Thumoslang.

Thumoslang is the “technology” by which relations are conducted while minimally generating unwanted drama. For the first time, humans discovered a way to have systematic control of relationships in their social life. This discovery should be no less important than that of the widespread control of fire.

Over a hundred millenniums ago, early humans discovered a way to have widespread control of fire. It was the first in a long sequence of many steps in the technological evolution of human beings. Our technological advance evolved through three stages: the tool, the machine, and the automation. They’re all about the conservation of human energy. To keep it from being wasted.

The widespread control of fire, of the tool, of the machine, and then of the automation gives us more energy and thus more power. However, a nation with more energy and more power does not have citizens who know how to treat one another better than those in lesser nations. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that technology cannot bring our humanity beyond “Level 1.0”.

What would it take to bring humanity to “Level 2.0”? Whatever it is, the widespread use of it is a must and it must give residents of the adopting nation the powerful knowledge on how to treat one another better, but at scale.

Thumoslang is the key to unlocking the hidden power in each and every individual, and thus groups, communities, and cities.

Thumoslang gives rise to social clarity.

Widespread use of social clarity is what it takes, the social clarity system called Thumoslang is what it takes, to achieve Humanity Level 2.0.

For a sneak preview of the YouTube series T3love, check out the following book; press on the image to open the book.


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