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For ease of communication, the web address, Ri4C.com/TB, is used by Tony to send Tucker a quick link via texting over a number of topics. Here are several things Tony wanted to say to Tucker at 9:20 AM on March 9, before we talk about them by voice on our next conversation.

  • Message 39A: Thanks for the chart on ad rates. You, Tucker, should choose the most appropriate size for a book ad and go with it. Tony would like to have a copy of the newspaper with the ad eventually. Let’s give it a try and see how effective it is.
  • Message 39B: It’s good that you got Patrick engaged. He could meet me about the book material if he wanted to explore in depth.
  • Message 39C: To make it easier for you to help run the company, I renovated Owl59 Homepage and its menu system. Please let me know when you desire further improvements.
  • Message 39D: In support of all you do for Ri4C, I took a number of steps. Click here to see the list of what I have done to support your work.
  • Message 39E: Is it better to contact URL Career Center about our HR needs? The ad expenses should be for selling the book, not for recruitment, right?
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