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This book is part of Thumoslang 2022 Collection.


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“Thumoslang made a teenager diagnosed with ADHD ready for business, but why couldn’t it do the same for me, who is 9 years older?”

The author attempts to trace the slow-burn personal transformation of several individuals, especially members of Bongo One.


Unintentionally created in 2017, accidentally discovered in 2018, and first taught in 2019, Thumoslang is the first formal vocabulary for social life. Its mission is social clarity, and its objective is that people have a matching understanding, especially in difficult situations. Its immense power rests in its countless thumbnail definitions. All are based on the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.

Character renovation is hard. So is being broke or becoming rich. Choose your hard now.

This product is part of Thumoslang 2022 Collection.

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