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Until you teach others how to love, you cannot be sure that you know how yourself. The following experience should help.

Click here to watch the video [Walking in Place and Walking | ThumoslangBTC102 | S1E1] (v=vgFssKLs1To). It is hard to hear, but you can read the video transcript below.


So, here is walking in place.

Now, walking.

Can anybody tell me the difference between those two actions?

The shifting of your leg?

Most people don’t know how to answer that question the first time.

As you can see, different actions have different actional elements. Walking in place has two elements of walking, whereas walking has three: (1) raise, (2) shift, and (3) drop your leg.

If you do not carry out all actional elements, the result of the action will not be as expected. You must exercise all its elements to discharge the full power of action.


Pictured above is Thumos: Adulthood, Love, and Collaboration, the first book showing how to execute every element of the loving action. It is the original Thumos textbook (OTB). Its vocabulary is Thumoslang, hence the suffix -lang, for language. The book teaches you what love is, its elements, and how to discharge each. You would need the book if your parents and teachers did not explain how love works. You could teach others how to love systematically with knowledge from the book.

Join our RI Foresight Club and learn how to love and teach others how systematically. Meet us at our Philosophy Cafe.

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