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Hello from Classical4C!

Laugh, Soar & Earn Cash Now!

Join other high school freshmen at @Classical4C and embark on an exciting after-school journey to gain professional skills, make new friends, and earn money.

Rhode Island, April 5, 2023

At Classical4C, a group of dedicated high school freshmen have embarked on an exciting after-school journey that combines fun, friendship, and personal development. These young trailblazers are working together to create an engaging online experience at Ri4C.com, where they showcase books about Thumoslang and the sci-fi series The Dog’s Day by Alec Mustafayev. With plans to expand into other media types like movies, art, and merchandise, the Classical4C team is growing and offers a unique opportunity for students like you to join the fun, earn cash, and build professional skills now.

As part of the Classical4C team, you’ll work alongside fellow students who share your interests and enthusiasm, while also gaining valuable experience in marketing, sales, and customer service. You’ll contribute to creating an engaging website that captures the imagination of high school students and fosters a sense of positive community. From crafting attention-grabbing headlines and valuable content to showcasing products and building a supportive online community, your work at Classical4C will provide you with a strong foundation for your future career. By joining this exciting after-school venture, you’ll not only make new friends and earn money but also develop skills that will set you apart in the professional world.

After-School Jobs

Are you interested in a weekly part-time job with no long-term commitment? Take a look at the job opportunity

We are a small group in Providence, who are starting a new business. Our members, who come from diverse backgrounds and speak different languages, range in age from a high school freshman to an experienced professional. Tell me more.

Artistic Visionaries: Igniting Creativity

In 2022, Alec Mustafayev started his sci-fi series The Dog’s Day. The Issue #1 is titled Reborn with Power.

Currently, he is working on the second book in the series and has enlisted the help of a freshman from Classical high school, referred to as “Junior,” for research assistance.

In addition, two of Junior’s classmates, known as “Seadragon” and “BV,” are also part of his team, but they primarily work on nonfiction projects. Tell me more

Recently Published

Loneliness is a serious health risk, like obesity and smoking. It can hurt you over a long period of time, just like decay-causing bacteria. But you can’t fight loneliness with a single weapon. You need something that you can use frequently, like toothpaste. Take a look at the book

Another Adventure of Seadragon

Yesterday, our history teacher was quite strict and didn’t allow any chatter during class. However, lunchtime finally came, and I joined my six friends to catch up. I enjoyed a slice of pepperoni pizza with milk, and it was delightful! These moments of happiness and camaraderie with my friends are what keep me going. And guess what? My friend Harim (pseudonym) and I made a pact: if he asks his crush out, then I have to do the same! Who gave you the nickname Seadragon?

A New Power of Language

In 2018, a teenager worked 60 hours per week in Rhode Island because he believed that was the way to become wealthy. He explained in the following video how a few sentences in Thumoslang changed his mind, his life. How to become more powerful

How to become more powerful

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