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The Snake, Fan, and Tree Trunk

The ancient parable of the blind men and the elephant has been shared across generations as a lesson in perspective. In the story, a group of blind men encounters an elephant, and each one touches a different part of the animal. One claims the elephant is like a snake, another says it’s similar to a fan, and the third believes it’s like a tree trunk. Every man perceives the elephant based on the section they touch, leading to drastically different descriptions. Tell me more

The Ultimate Meaning of Leadership

For over 40 years, he felt frustrated with the lack of an objective definition of leadership. That explained why he could not lead himself effectively. He subconsciously knew and hated the fact. Tell me more

Recently Published

“I walked home after my funeral, remembering when I was lying in a puddle of my own blood. Why can’t anyone recognize me?”

Embark on “The Dogs Day,” where a quest of self-discovery unfolds inside a world of advanced technology and transformation. Follow Casey, a college girl turned bionic superhuman, as she battles dangerous foes with her newfound abilities under the alias Jaklyn Lionheart. Unravel the high-stakes conspiracy as she takes on the growing bionic threat in Washington DC, and discovers its sinister origins, as they discover her.

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First Impression

Elias Turner was one of the first who encountered Thumoslang and experienced its power. He is known as Tengu in the Providence music scene. In the following video, he recounted his experience.


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