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Deep Time

It used to be believed the Earth was young and its features were caused by major events like the biblical Flood. These ideas came from religious and philosophical beliefs, including those found in the Bible. Many believed the planet was only a few thousand years old. This belief was reinforced by scholars such as Archbishop James Ussher, who used genealogies in the Bible to calculate the Earth’s age as around 6,000 years old. Scientists in the 1700s also believed the Earth was young and that big disasters caused its terrestrial characteristics. It wasn’t until the 1800s that geologists like James Hutton, a geologist from Scotland (illustrated), and Charles Lyell showed that the Earth was much older than people thought. Tell me more


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Do you believe in the power of language to transform lives? What if we could use the Thumos Philosophy and its vocabulary, Thumoslang, to revolutionize inner-city classrooms? Take a look at the book

Another Adventure of Seadragon

My mentor Miguel shared an incredible video about my boss Alec Mustafayev’s first encounter with Thumoslang, which is Miguel’s creation. Throughout the video, Miguel provided insightful backstories that blew my mind on my first day of work. If you’re interested, I highly recommend giving it a watch!d it was totally mind-blowing for me on my first day of work. If you wanna check it out, you totally should! Tell me more


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