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Three Kinds Of Suns – Norma Rockwell – Music by Shag Carpet Sound aka David O’Dell

Used in all videos presented below, the cinematic and dramatic guitar tune Three Kinds Of Suns was originally posted on Soundcloud here by David O’Dell under Shag-carpet aka Shag Carpet Sound. According to YouTube Audio Library, the tune is produced by the YouTube channel Norma Rockwell, which is apparently owned by the same David O’Dell.

Who is David O’Dell? Who has pictures of David O’Dell? Please let the author of this article Nickantony Quach know. His contact information is on this page here.

Nickantony is the producer of the video series NDBaker93, which is the daily show on his YouTube channel Ri4CTV. The series has more than 20 seasons, each of which is a collection of videos mostly covering a specific subject matter. The first 21 episodes in Season 1 of NDBaker93 were filmed during the six-hour conversation between Nickantony Quach (left) and Norman D. Baker (right) in their third meeting, on October 4th, 2019. In the 12th episode, which is the video “What is Leadership? How to Lead?”. It’s presented as Video #12, below. In the video, Norman was watching another video produced by Nickantony.

What Norman was watching is the video “What is Leadership? How to Exercise Leadership?”, which is Episode 4 in Season 2 of the YouTube series Thumoslang Vocabulary. It’s presented as Video #4, below. It opens with footage taken from Video #6, below.

Video #6 is the video Surfing Sam, which is Episode 6 in Season 1 of the YouTube series Rhode Island Skateboard. While doing its film editing, Nickantony discovered the tune Three Kinds Of Suns for the very first time and found it totally appropriate for it.

Of all the videos mentioned in this article, Video #4 is the most important one. It’s shown to many on camera. In this video here, Video #4 was presented to Brandon T. George who found Video #4 to be totally mesmerizing. Video #4 has been and will be likewise presented to many others as part of Thumoslang education. It’s highly likely that every Thumoslang student will sooner or later hear the tune Three Kinds Of Suns. That’s why, on May 30th, 2020, it is hereby declared as the official theme music for Thumoslang.

Video #4 – What is Leadership? How to Exercise Leadership?

Video #6 – Surfing Sam

Video #12 – What is Leadership? How to Lead?

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