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After high school, while in college, or after college, you can spend a semester, a summer, or a year away from it all and change the world, in Rhode Island under the program, Thumos Gap Year, which is administered by Ri4C. Why not change the world in your gap year?

From the start, Nickantony Quach will work with you as your mentor in person. He is an Automation Engineer, an author, and a father. He mentored a number of students in Providence, where he lives. One of them is Mark Canny. Through this mentorship, Mark published a book and, thereby, changed the world, long before graduation.

Under the program, Thumos Gap Year, Nick will mentor you likewise. Through this program, you will learn how to change yourself, how to change your world, then, eventually, how to change the world.

To apply for the program, Thumos Gap Year, click here, or select the following link:


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