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The following sequence of statements provide a full description of the concept known as thumos.

  1. Thumos is a Greek word, which is borrowed by Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach for their first book, The Book of Thumos (#thumosbook), to express a big idea; it is the word that changes the world.
  2. Thumos; that means, the power within. It is already part of your life. You may not be aware of it yet. As stated by paragraph #thumos11A8, it is what turns our most burning desire, our passion, into action. Once thumos is activated, the power within is discharged. This causes deliberation to take hold, which engages management and results in increased productivity.
  3. As explained by #thumosbook, mastery of thumos is your key to Emotional Prosperity and Lifespan Productivity™.
  4. Whereas other self-help books give you examples related to one or another aspect of your life, #thumosbook spells out the formula for all aspects of your life. View the full description of #thumosbook
  5. Why should we enter the Thumos Age?

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