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paperback_front_cover_51t9jqyan9lWelcome to the web page, Thumos Paperback Now!

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Yes, Thumos Paperback is now available for purchase on Amazon at the following address:

The above number, 1946871265, is the ISBN of the paperback edition for the book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.

The price will be increased everyday Until June 2017

paperback_back_cover_51hcvum4gelOn its date of publication, February 28, 2017, the retail price of this book is $6.06 USD. This price will be increased by a dollar everyday in its first three months.

  • The price on March 31, 2017, will be $37.06 USD
  • The price on April 30, 2017, will be $67.06 USD
  • The price on May 31, 2017, will be $98.06 USD

If you want to share this book with your family and friends, now is the time to place an order with Amazon at:

The eBook and eTextbook editions are also available. With a fixed-layout format, the eTextbook is a replica of the paperback whereas, with reflowable text, the eBook is an alternative format. Kindle-Unlimited and Amazon Prime members  can read either edition for free. Others can purchase them at the following locations:

Full Book Description

The following image is that of the full book cover. The full book description begins below it.


Students and teachers, children and parents, employers and  workers, regardless of their awareness, they all use or are greatly influenced by the principles and concepts as presented in this book.

Students need this book as it shows how to become a true adult; see below. Parents need this book as it shows how to teach others to love properly; see below. Teachers need this book as it shows how to connect, mentor effectively; see below. Employers need this book as it shows employees how to connect and collaborate; see below. Workers need this book as it explains the best way to keep your boss away. Everyone needs this book as it shows one of the greatest weapons against both fear and insecurity.

“The totality of your perspectives and beliefs is your paradigm. It is your gestalt of concepts, each of which is a mental formulation for use on a broad scale. It evolves over time as it is slowly influenced by outside perspectives that are provided by other people, which at first includes your parents, then books and your society at large. When the influence takes place quickly, it causes a radical change to your paradigm and makes you have a paradigm shift. This will happen to you when you read” this book. “Your life will be changed before you finish reading the first three chapters of this book. Your relationships with others will be changed before you reach the seventh chapter.”

ADULTHOOD: Because neither autonomy, which means freedom of direction, nor self-sufficiency, which means aidless survival, could bring about adulthood, independence, which means self-sufficient autonomy, could not either. “Moving up in life does not make us adults. Graduating at the end of primary or secondary school, or even university does not make us adults. Having a job does not make us adults. Self-sufficiency does not make us adults. Marriage does not make us adults, especially in an arranged marriage. Having a child does not make us adults. Many children do not become adults when they give birth and have their first child, especially with a teenage pregnancy. Age does not make us adults.” This book shows you what it takes to become a true adult and how to prepare yourself for the formal walk through the threshold of your adulthood 12 months before your first adulthood anniversary.

SELF: The ultimate vision of your life is your ideal self; this book will show you how to depict and pursue your ideal self. Without such depiction, others do not know how to love you, as you cannot fully love others without a full understanding of their depiction of and journey towards their ideal self. But what is the self? This book explains it all.

LOVE: “A grilled cheese sandwich is a dish that requires at least two elements, bread and cheese. Without either element, we cannot make the dish. Likewise, if your action did not include all the elements of love, then you did not love properly.” This book gives you a direct, practical, and cogent answer to the following questions without resorting to gimmickry: what is love? What is it made of; how does it work; is there an expected outcome; how do we discharge the power of love; who does or does not love me; whom do I love?

COLLABORATION: Psychological safety first is the second of the six laws of collaboration, which are explained in this book. Along with interpersonal skills presented in earlier chapters, the collaborative process as proposed in this book should create a psychologically safe environment in which new and existing project participants have no fear of negative consequences as they take on more roles and responsibilities for their common mission.

MENTORING: “Contrary to conventional wisdom, the mentor must not have more experience, more knowledge than the mentee. Here is a proof. With knowledge from this book, you can become a mentor helping others to become a Bruce Lee in their field even though you may not have as much experience, knowledge as they do in their field.”

COMMUNITY: The success of your organization, city will reach a higher order of magnitude when its members, residents have access to the principles and concepts found in this book, thanks to the author’s unblinking love of humanity.

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