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What is Thumospathism?

Thumospathism is a philosophy and not a religion. It is a rational investigation of truth based on reason and logic. Its creation is based on the fact that it will be improved over time by people from different generations or centuries.

You must not give up your religious beliefs in order to adopt capitalism, which is,  according to Wikipedia, an economic system and an ideology based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.

Likewise, you must not give up your religious beliefs in order to adopt thumospathism. Thumospathism is a practical philosophy aiming for the most effective use of activities and relationships in lifespan pursuits for the individual and thus humanity. Its practicality is demonstrated by Chapter 18 of the online book, Thumos Love Philosophy.

Who are thumospaths?

The person who practices thumospathism is called a thumospath. Thumospaths are those who possess thumospathic skills, which are divided roughly into three key sets: adulthood skills, loving skills, and collaboration skills. With in-depth understanding of how to discharge these skills, you can drastically improve your life through stronger relationships and more-meaningful activities.

What are Thumospathic Skills?

Adolescents often look forwards to adulthood. However, most of them could not, in later years, recall the day or the week when they first entered adulthood. If you do not know when your adulthood anniversary is, chances are that, your parents could not help you with that either. To become a thumospath, you must know when your adulthood anniversary is. Thumospathic parents could stop worrying about the parenting when their children celebrate their first adulthood anniversary. Tell me more

If your parents and teachers never showed you how to appropriately discharge all elements of a loving action towards your target of love, you may not know how to give a direct, practical, and cogent answer to the following questions without resorting to descriptive gimmickry: what is love? What is it made of; how does it work; is there an expected outcome; how do we discharge the power of love; who does or does not love me; whom do I love? To become a thumospath, you must be able to answer such questions without resorting to descriptive gimmickry.

Many people do not realize that they fail to collaborate effectively because they are frequently confused between collaboration and one of the working-together concepts such as teamwork, coordination, and cooperation. As more and more jobs are taken away by robotics aided by artificial intelligence,  it becomes more and more important for us all to have an in-depth understanding of how collaboration works. To become a thumospath, you must be able to effectively do what AI-aided robots could never do in the foreseeable future: collaboration!

Central to thumospathism is thumos love philosophy. Click here for more on this philosophy.

Why should thumospathic skills be taught from first through twelfth grade?

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