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What is thumos language?

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NOW AVAILABLE: Thumos Language Online Book by Nickantony Quach

The Book of Thumos (#ThumosBook) is the collection of books, each of which contributes to the development, the improvement, and the promotion of thumospathism. Its basic principles are spelled out in the first volume (#ThumosBook1), which is the book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, now available in hardcover here at Barnes & Noble. This volume is also referred to as “the first book of thumos“. All the terms defined therein make up an effective nomenclature for trading perspectives with social precision at the highest possible level,  never before available. This nomenclature is casually referred to as the Thumos language. Its power can be demonstrated by the text string, fb.com/thumoslove, which is the shortest expression of love but with the highest level of seriousness towards the target of your love. Click here for initial reviews of this volume.


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