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Created by Nickantony Quach, Thumoslang stands for Thumos language but it more precisely is a nomenclature. It’s both a nomenclature for social life and, as Jairson Ascencao puts it, an architecture of social logic. It is the “technology” by which human relations are conducted with minimal generation of unwanted drama. For the first time, humans discovered a way to have systematic control of relationships in their social life. Documented by the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, this discovery should be no less important than the widespread control of fire.

If you want to become an expert in any field, you must understand its nomenclature, i.e. its naming system. Using its nomenclature, you become far more powerful when you talk about various topics in the field. Likewise, using Thumoslang as the nomenclature for social life, you achieve consequential relationships with far less effort.

For more info, see issue #2B in the Thumos Love Newsletter Archive

Thumoslang allows objective social reasoning.

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