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An empath is a person that is sensitive to the emotions and energy of others. Empaths can physically feel the energy field of others and their surrounding. This video on TED Ed explains further. Being empathic means that you are able to relate to how other people are feeling. Most people who are empathic are not empaths.

In alternative medicine, osteopaths are non-physician healthcare practitioners who do osteopathy by manipulating the skeleton and muscles. As demonstrated in the first two paragraphs, the Greek suffix -path is used to mean someone with a particular capability.

Thumos is a Greek word to mean spiritedness. In 2015, Mike Vanseveren (in tank top) used the term to name his group of three as Thumos 3, also known as T3Group. Mark Canny (on the right) and Nickantony Quach (on the left) are the other two, who later became coauthors of the book, THUMOS Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, which is often referred to as #ThumosBook.

As it turned out, all terms defined by #ThumosBook make up a cogent nomenclature for use in trading perspectives under every social context but at a much higher level of effectiveness than otherwise. Thumos language is a casual name for this nomenclature.

The first serious use of thumos language is in how to express serious love. To send a message of serious love, send the text string, “fb . com / thumos love” (no spaces, no quotes), to your target of love who can click on and expand it into the following message:

I sent you the link, fb.com/thumoslove, to say, I love you. That means, as explained in #ThumosBook, I promise you that “I will not interfere, reject, or oppose the nurturing of your ideals, and I will care for the nurturing of those ideals.”

The above definition of love means that you cannot be loved without knowing how to express your ideals and your ideal self. By the same token, you cannot love without knowing how to get your targets of love expressing their ideals and their ideal self. Neither is possible without the use of a highly effective nomenclature for trading perspectives: thumos language!

In his second book, Thumos Love Philosophy, the author Nickantony Quach opens Chaper 7 with the following paragraph and, thereby, coins the term thumospath:

To get your rocket of the self off the ground, you need to have an ideal mentor acting as your booster in the long run. For those who are still in search of an ideal mentor, becoming a thumospath is the use of an alternative booster for the self. Thumospaths are self-mentors who understand in depth how to discharge practical principles, including those from the thumos love philosophy, as the answer to their basic questions for life and love.

The term thumospath was first coined on 12/15/2017 by Chapter 7 of the online book, Thumos Love Philosophy. On the same day, the term could not be located by any of the four online-search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.

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What is life? What is love? How to connect both? How to live? How to love?


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