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This book is part of Thumoslang 2022 Collection.


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Do you believe in the power of language to transform lives? What if we could use the Thumos Philosophy and its vocabulary, Thumoslang, to revolutionize inner-city classrooms?

This book delves into the experiences of inner-city school teachers and their struggles to educate students in disruptive environments. Whether you are a newcomer to the school or a lifelong resident, you are familiar with the challenges of maintaining focus and learning in an environment where disruptions and misbehavior are commonplace.

Thumoslang for Inner City School offers a solution to these challenges. By providing a vocabulary for optimizing life and social interactions, Thumoslang can help students and teachers alike achieve greater success and productivity. The book is full of self-evident propositions and practical strategies that can help students take control of their futures and succeed despite the challenges of their environment.

If you are tired of feeling powerless in the face of disruptive classrooms, Thumoslang for Inner City School is the book you’ve been waiting for. With its revolutionary approach to language and its focus on personal transformation, it offers a powerful tool for improving the quality of education in our inner cities.

This product is part of Thumoslang 2022 Collection.

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