Ri4C.com/Trip22 is your shortcut to detailed steps on how to drive over 1,700 miles from Dallas, Texas, to Providence, Rhode Island.

Section 1 – Take I-30 East to Little Rock in Arkansas

Little Rock is about 319 miles away from Dallas. Stay on I-30 East between Dallas and Little Rock.

  1. From Dallas, Texas, go East on I-30 to Greenville, Texas. It has 25,557 people.
  2. Go East on I-30 to Sulphur Springs, Texas. It has 15,449 people.
  3. Go East on I-30 to Mount Pleasant, Texas. It has 15,564 people.
  4. Go East on I-30 to New Boston, Texas. It has 4,612 people in a tiny town.
  5. Go East on I-30 to Texarkana, Texas. It has 36,193 people.
  6. Go East on I-30 to Little Rock, Arkansas. It has 202,591 people.

Section 2 – Take I-40 East to Knoxville in Tennessee

Knoxville is about 528 miles away from Little Rock. Stay on I-40 East between Little Rock and Knoxville.

  1. From Little Rock, Arkansas, go East on I-40 to Memphis, Tennessee. It has 633,104 people.
  2. Go East on I-40 to Jackson, Tennessee. It has 68,205 people.
  3. Go East on I-40 to Nashville, Tennessee. It has 715,884 people.
  4. Go East on I-40 to Cookeville, Tennessee. It has 34,842 people.
  5. Go East on I-40 to Knoxville, Tennessee. It has 190,740 people.

Section 3 – Take I-40 East and I-81 North to Bristol in Tennessee

Briston, Tennessee, is about 113 miles away from Knoxville. You must switch from I-40 East to I-81 North at exit 421 on I-40.

  1. From Knoxville, Tennessee, go East on I-40 to Kodak, Tennessee. It has 11,320 people in a small town.
  2. You will pass by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store at 154 Stadium Drive, Kodak, TN 37764. This store is only 22 miles away from Knoxville. Take exit 407 if you want to visit this store.
  3. Stay on I-40 East and monitor the mileposts along the way; you will pass mileposts 412, 413, 414, etc.
  4. Take exit 421 on the left for I-81 North to Bristol, Tennessee.
  5. Go North on I-81 to Bristol, Tennessee. It has 26,702 people.

Section 4 – Take I-81 North to Harrisburg in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is about 430 miles away from Bristol, Tennessee. Stay on I-81 North between Bristol, TN, and Harrisburg, PA.

  1. From Bristol, TN, go North on I-81 to Roanoke, Virginia. It has 100,011 people.
  2. Go North on I-81 to Staunton, Virginia. It has 25,750 people.
  3. Go North on I-81 to Winchester, Virginia. It has 28,120 people.
  4. Go North on I-81 to Hagerstown, Maryland. It has 43,527 people.
  5. Go North on I-81 to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It has 50,099 people.

Section 5 – Take I-81 North and I-78 East to Newark in New Jersey

Newark, New Jersey, is about 159 miles away from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You must switch from I-81 North to I-78 East at exit 89 on I-81.

  • Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 89 for Interstate 78 E toward Allentown
  • Detailed steps coming soon!!!

Section 6 – Take I-95 North to Providence in Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island, is about 191 miles away from Newark, New Jersey.

  • Detailed steps coming soon!!!


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