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What is quality assured parenting?

The phrase, quality-assured parenting, was coined by Nickantony Quach on May 6th, 2017. Until then, as far as we could tell via Google search, the phrase never used.

Parenting is the process of turning a child into a person effective at life in a human society. The mission of parenting as provided by traditional families is to turn a child into a valuable adult whereas the mission of quality-assured parenting is to produce a quality adult. What a quality adult should be, is well depicted by The Book of Thumos, which is written by Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach.

To talk about the differences between a valuable adult and a quality adult, we need to define what adulthood is and compare the two concepts, value and quality. Adulthood is already defined by The Book of Thumos. Let’s consider the concept of value.

  • Value; that means, level of usefulness.
  • Price; that means, ranking of value.

Now, let’s consider the concept of quality.

  • Achievement; that means, powerful result.
  • Excellence; that means, higher-level achievement.
  • Quality; that means, a degree of excellence.

Notice that quality is price-independent whereas value can be relative to price.

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