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What is the best definition of love that has ever been given?

Here is the best definition of love that has ever been given. What is love? Thumos love! Now we have an easy way to answer one of the most challenging questions in life. Thumos love is love but with the highest level of seriousness. When you want your loved ones understand fully how serious you are in your love for them, send them the text string, “FB . com / Thumos Love” (without spaces, without quotes), as your message of serious love. With a click, the text will then be expanded into a full message as presented below: “I sent you the link, fb.com/thumoslove, to say, I love you. That means, as explained in #ThumosBook, I promise you that I will not interfere, reject, or oppose the nurturing of your ideals, and I will care for the nurturing of those ideals.” This message explains and reminds your loved ones that you are not saying, “I love you”, as a cliché. The message explains in full what you mean exactly, when you say, “I love you.” It shows how you would fully discharge the power of your love, in concrete steps. The best definition of love can be expressed in two words. Love; that means, nurturing ideals. This will soon be explained in the book, Thumos Love, to be published after 6000 patrons signed up with Thumos Love on Patreon, i.e. Patreon.com/ThumosLove.


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