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White Belt Journey

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To become a White Belt in Thumoslang, you’re expected to pass through three sets of TLC gates: novice, intermediate, and advanced gates. Novice Gates are TLC Gate 1, 2 & 3. Intermediate Gates are TLC Gate 4, 5 & 6. Advanced Gates are TLC Gate 7, 8 & 9.

Gate Milestone Exit Criteria
0 Trailhead No entry criteria, no exit criteria; everyone can begin. Lower gates must be passed ahead of crossing through a higher gate.
1 Coalmont Finish reading Chapter One in the Guidebook; see below.
2 Boxer Read Chapter Two and watch a related video; see below.
3 Baker Read Chapter Three and watch two videos; see below.
4 Alec Finish reading Chapter Four in the Guidebook; see below.
10 White Belt Enough knowledge to interact with others using limited Thumoslang.

Yellow Belt Journey

Thumos Love Challenge Guidebook

Thumoslang Ranking System is part of the Table of Contents of the TLC Guidebook, also known as User’s Guide to the Thumos Love Challenge.

Thumoslang White Belt Journey

To become a White Belt in Thumoslang, take the White Belt journey as described below. To to do, pass through the ten gates by meeting their exit criteria as prescribed in the above table. To pass through a gate, read its corresponding chapter, whose number is that same as that of the gate. For example, to pass through TLC Gate 3, read Chapter 3.

Gate One

No prerequisites are required to get started with the Thumos Love Challenge by reading this chapter.

This chapter introduces the Thumos Love Challenge as an educational course that takes students through their Thumoslang journey. All the unwanted drama in your life, including the lack of friends, is the black mountain of your social life. Your deliberate family is a long-lasting solution to the black mountain. Thumoslang is what it takes as it’s both the nomenclature for social life and the architecture of social logic.

To pass TLC Gate 1, read the following chapter:

Gate Two

One of the most important people in the development of Thumoslang is Ifeanyi Onyekaba, a 25-year-old father with a college degree in business. In 2019, he realized that, in his own words, “it hurts not knowing Thumoslang.” In other words, Thumoslang is not optional. Sooner or later, you will face the consequence of knowing or not knowing how to use Thumoslang in your life.

After passing the first gate, to pass TLC Gate 2, read the following chapter and watch the related video:

Gate Three

Almost one year after Thumoslang was discovered in December 2018, Alec Mustafayev (born 2002), Elias Turner (born 2001), Jairson Ascencao (born 1999), Norman D. Baker (born 1993), and Nickantony Quach formed the first deliberate family.

After passing gates 1 and 2, to pass TLC Gate 3, read the following chapter and watch the related videos:


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