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The text below, which explains why we want to enter the Thumos Age, is also part of the lecture found at the following link. The lecture puts the concept of Thumos Age in a greater perspective. You may want to read the entire lecture instead.

When you convey a full message, you make a disclosure. The recipient handles the message by taking up to three steps, the last of which is called acknowledgement. These steps are part of the “reciprocation [process], the most fundamental cycle of communication. Understanding how reciprocation works is necessary for the mastery of love;” see paragraph #thumos16A4 in The Book of Thumos (#thumosbook).

“Reciprocation will occur naturally under personally desired conditions. Deliberate reciprocation is practicing this without the desired conditions, basically forcing the process in order to achieve the desired outcome. You can either disclose or acknowledge, deliberately or not, with or without the use of a loving action;” see paragraph #thumos14KR.

“The result of loving is… possible only when all… elements of love are satisfied;” see paragraph #thumos16A4. However, you cannot discharge all elements of love if you are not exposed to ideals desired by the target of your love. “Others are unable to love you if you do not express your ideal self” in, as recommended by #thumosbook, a Documented Proof of Adulthood™, which implies your adulthood anniversary. As suggested by the book, one of the greatest discoveries made by its authors, Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach, is the correlation between adulthood and love.

“Thumos; that means, the power within.” According to paragraph #thumos11A8, “it turns our most burning desire, our passion, into action. Once thumos is activated, the power within is discharged. This causes deliberation to take hold, which engages management and results in increased productivity.”

As explained by Chapter 1, without the proper harness, your thumos can become your ultimate pleasure trap, which would make you misfire all the necessary elements of love for one or another action. As the result, the target of love could not feel the result of a loving action. This explains why love is hard to do, especially when partners did not learn (1) how to depict their ideal self effectively and (2) how to properly discharge all elements of love.

“Unfortunately,” according to paragraph #thumos16A8, “there is no broad agreement on a definition of love. Reconciling disagreements on this issue is very important because if love means different things to different people, it is difficult to appropriately love one another. Creating a common understanding of love is a difficult task because it involves giving[, what #thumosbook also gives,] a direct, practical, and cogent answer to the following questions without resorting to gimmickry: what is love? What is it made of; how does it work; is there an expected outcome; how do we discharge the power of love; who does or does not love me; whom do I love?”

It is nearly impossible to find someone as the love of your life if you were also required to, at first, teach that person how to love. Love education for that someone should be carried out in advance, before your first meeting with that someone. This is why we all need to enter the Thumos Age and make love easier for everyone.

When at least 51 out of 100 random students at a college would give the same answer to all of the following questions, Thumos Age begins. “What is love? What is it made of; how does it work; is there an expected outcome; how do we discharge the power of love?” Thumos Age is a period in history characterized by human life based on a precise definition of love.

Again, “if love means different things to different people, it is difficult to appropriately love one another.” That’s why we need to enter the Thumos Age, the sooner the better for our humanity.

How to Enter the Thumos Age

The above vision of Thumos Age was written by Nickantony Quach on May 16th, 2017. This vision was fully embraced by Zinan Yang in his email to his peers on May 23rd, 2017. The following is a verbatim extract from his email:

“The… concern here is the project, Thumos itself. We need to, or let’s say have to, make this project perfect because this project is the cornerstone of our future – the Thumos Age. We want to have our cornerstones as stable as possible so that we can look into the bigger picture in the future… By saying the bigger picture, I mean the Network and software of Thumos Age in the future.”


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