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Hello from Ri4CTV!

Thank you for watching our videos on Ri4CTV at Instagram and YouTube.

If and when we agree to give you a large video file, you should first do the following. This is because we do not have enough space on our Google Drive to store too many files.

  1. Create a folder on your Google Drive
  2. Name your folder as the folder “Ri4CTV Footage”
  3. Give files5relations@gmail.com the right to read and write in your Ri4CTV-footage folder
  4. Let @Ri4CTV on Instagram know of the link to your Ri4CTV folder
  5. Ri4CTV will upload its footage of your performance to your Ri4CTV folder
  6. Ri4CTV will notify you via Instagram of the upload when done

Sincerely yours,



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