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About Ri4C

Rhode Island Foresight (Ri4C) is the company that published the 2017 book THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, established the YouTube channel Ri4CTV in 2018, created the social clarity system Thumoslang in 2019, and made the Foresight Face Mask in 2020.

About RiVillage

RiVillage is the idea of making life easier for everyone by giving them a way to be more than just strangers to each other. It’s the community behind Rhode Island Foresight (Ri4C). Its gateway is at Instagr.am/Ri4CTV. Its videos are at YouTube.com/Ri4CTV. And its paywall is at Patreon.com/Ri4CTV. The RiVillage Magazine is part of Coalmont at Medium. Access to everything is provided by the shortcut at Ri4C.com/Go.


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